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Passionate Technologist Helping Startups to Plan, Build, and Innovate.
About Me
Software Architect and Development Manager with 7 years experience in Ruby, complemented by 15+ years grounded in solid object-oriented development principles.

I am a full-stack developer with a passion for Ruby and a flare for Javascript. I have a full range of skills reaching forward to design sophisticated, MVC-based Javascript applications with Backbone, Knockout, and jQuery and extending backward as well to the Database and infrastructure. I am fluent in SQL and I have deployed, managed, and scaled Database, application, and web servers to AWS, Engineyard, and Heroku. I am also a seasoned development leader, with 7+ years leading engineering teams with as many as 12 members and managing projects throughout the development life-cycle, with cost estimates in the 7 figures.

I have served in both hands-on and lead roles, and I've excelled in both capacities. I have facilitated the architecture and implementation of several enterprise-level RoR-based web applications, and I have considerable experience scaling web applications, and building out modular, process-driven web services in distributed architectures, not only on Rails, but on other platforms such as Sinatra, and Node.js.

My Career At a Glance
Ruby & Javascript
A Passion for Awesome
I've spent the last seven years developing and deploying high-availability, N-tiered Rails Applications. Since discovering Rails in it's infancy seven years ago, my passion was the quest to make great software. But discovering and Javascript-based web frameworks like Backbone and Knockout, was the evolution of awesome I'd been looking for!
Credit Card Processing, Bank Integration, ACH Transactions
From startups to Fortune 500 companies, I have mastered the art (or science) of developing financial software. Credit card processing, bank integration, ACH transactions, I've done it all. It started at Orbitz processing global transactions and coverting currencies. Then I moved on to Enova Financial where I mastered ACH transactions, Credit and Debit card processing, and European transfers with their CHAPS and BACS systems. I've rounded out my financial toolbelt with balance sheets and Market place development.
Social Integration, Marketing & Analytics
I've built cutting-edge software tools that allowed users to build, launch and manage marketing campaigns on social networks. Besides that, I've also developed sophisticated marketing analytics software that allowed users to not only launch and manage these campaigns but track their effectiveness, their reach, and their influence.
Development Manager with an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Accomplished leader, with notable success providing direction and vision to a team of developers in both start-up, and corporate environments. Experience directing developers across projects, delegating key tasks, and coordinating with executive-level management. Advocate for continual improvement, mentoring junior staff, and amplifying team performance. I've also mastered the fine art of agile development, leading engineers through iterations, and feature-driven sprints with proven agile methodologies and best practices including iteration planning, scrum, test-driven development (TDD), and continuous integration (CI), among others.
Open Source
Giving Back
I like to spend some of my development time contributing to several open source projects, whther it be fixing bugs or submitting improvements, or helping out with documentation, I help out where I can. I've also released several open source projects of my own, including RConfig, a popular Ruby Gem, that was featured in RubyInside
Work Ethic
The Pursuit of Perfection
In all my years as an software engineer my drive and focus could be stripped down to a single mantra: "Write good software. Deliver a great product.". Whether on-site or working remotely, I lived by the ideal that the best way to make progress and produce quality software, is to work stories one at a time and deliver code each day. This has lead to a level of trust and satisfaction to all who ever worked with me.
My Projects
A Social Marketing and Campaign Management Application.
State-of-the-Art social inventory & commerce Platform.
Retail ordering iOS app & POS System.
Gamification and reputation systems powering customer engagement and Loyalty.
A Suite of innovative geo-social applications for iOS and Web.
Industry-leading global online travel technology.
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Sergio Rabiela
Enova Financial
Tom DiGrazia
Jimmy Zhang
Blake Thomas
Enova Financial
Brian Wesselman
Orbitz Worldwide
Ganesh Ranganathan
Orbitz Worldwide
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